Sunday, 2 October 2011

One More Taste Of Heaven!

The past week or so it's been as if Autumn had cast her spell over the change of season and Summer had finally been spirited away for the last time until she wins the fight again next year but, today, the second day of October, it has been rather like being in the eye of a hurricane. Perfect Hebridean blue skies, the garden full of birds, the colorful Goldfinches darting through the air like a sparkling flash of golden light! Even someone pushing a pram with a Summer parasol attached! 

Tonight though, the winds have returned and blown away our Summer oasis, probably this time for the last time this year. It was though, a perfect moment of reflection on the seasons passing! The stores are now slowly beginning to glitter with all the delights that make the years end sparkle and we are also brimming with exciting ideas for festive creations but, for now, lets think of cook in the miniature kitchen making tasty treats on her Chocolate Heaven Board for that cosy Autumn night by the fire! We hope you enjoy the photographs and don't forget to stop by our etsy store!

Val & Sadie

Melting chocolate, walnuts, rose & violet creams.....& so much more - can't you just
imagine the scents wafting from the kitchen??

Not forgetting the chocolate "bark", walnut whirls, praline truffles
& walnut marzipan! 

Tiny chocolates with a big impact!