Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Christmas Red Is For Every Day!

This week got off to a great start when Homewardflight was featured in the Artisans In Miniature Halloween Showcase! Do take a look, there are some wonderful miniatures from some superb artisans!

It is quite wonderful to discover how the same color can inspire the feelings of cosy Christmas nights by the fireside and at the same time the warmth of baking summer days! The rich red of the paper wrapping these sumptuous Christmas chocolates gives rise to the same sentimentality as the vibrant red of the tomatoes in this gorgeous basket! Here in the west of Scotland we always find that once Christmas is sadly over the light nights return in leaps and bounds, the signs of life and renewal in the land evident, so maybe the two seasons aren't so far apart after all!

Val & Sadie

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An Italian Christmas In Miniature!

Christmas is coming and whilst the goose might not be piling on the pounds, your dolls house family certainly will be! They can start the festive season in style with this gorgeous traditional Italian sweet bread! Every country has it's own traditions for Christmas, particularly when it comes to food, and it's wonderful how treats such as Pandoro can be found all over, even here in the Hebrides we find them beautifully boxed and waiting to tempt us from the shelves! We think this is a really special miniature & have been so excited about it! You can find this and other Christmas miniatures in our etsy store so do have a look!

Val & Sadie

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Celtic Warmth!

The Island is alive just now, full of people & music! This year it is the Hebrides turn to host the Royal National Mod, a cultural festival of Gaelic song. With programmes broadcast daily on Scottish television and participants from all over the country it is a celebration of the Gaelic language and culture! To hear the native language so alive, to see white fairy lights strung across the streets and with the Continental Market also visiting it is truly a wonderful atmosphere!

Unfortunately the same excitement can't be felt for the weather! Perfect for a chilly day such as today when the winds are blowing a hoolie, this delicious piping hot Irish Colcannon, mashed potatoes, cabbage, cream and butter, will be a filling part of any miniature meal!

Keep warm!
Val & Sadie

Traditional Irish Fare!

The official logo for this years Mod!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Christmas Miniatures!

Just a couple of weeks now until the clocks go back an hour here. That'll mean Halloween, darker nights &, in turn, that must mean the Festive Season is now drawing closer! This weekend is our Christmas Launch for seasonal miniatures & we've been so excited, waiting to show you these first gorgeous festive creations! There's Lebkuchen Christmas Cookies, a Festive Christmas Table Centerpiece, a Christmas Eve Sledge, a Snowman Christmas Tree & Yuletide Treats which include a rich chocolate Yule Log, Christmas pudding truffles & the last mince pie in the kitchen!

Being able to get lost in the magic of Christmas is yet another of the true joys of sculpting minis, bringing to life a transient world that visits us for a few short weeks every year! We look forward to sharing the Holidays with you all & diving headfirst into miniature sparkle!

Val & Sadie

Reality in miniature!!

We're counting down the weeks!!

So many tasty Christmas luxuries - where to start??

The perfect centerpiece for the festive table!

Just been blown out, there's still "hot wax" in the center of the candle!

With a taste & smell a bit like gingerbread, Lebkuchen Cookies are the epitome of Christmas flavors!

A contemporary twist on a festive tradition!

Christmas Eve & Santa Claus is on his way!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bringing Nature Home!

There is something about sculpting miniatures with a link to nature, that hold an essence of what lies in wait for us as we leave the modern world behind, and venture outdoors amongst the smells and sights of landscapes unchanged for centuries! The ability to recreate even a tiny part of that in miniature is a joy and discovering just the right way to make logs look like...well....logs is magical! The expression on someones face when they see them and exclaim "Logs!!" is a wonder! It isn't only logs, however, that feature in this basket, there's hot steaming toast, including a slice on a toasting fork, ready to eat from the roaring fire! The detail on the newspaper also fascinates the eye! As do all the little eggs in our basket of freshly collected farmyard eggs, each one with different markings or slightly different in shape and size!

As we always do, we hope you enjoy the photographs and that these minis appeal to you as much as they do to us!

Val & Sadie

Monday, 10 October 2011

Homewardflight TeamMIDS Choice!!

Thrilling news! For the second time this year we have had one of our miniatures picked as this weeks TeamMIDS (Miniatures In Dollhouse Scale)

Chicken & Leek Pie With Golden Mashed Potatoes!
Don't forget to take a look at our etsy store for this & lots of other tasty treats to keep your miniature family warm this coming Winter!

Val & Sadie

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time & Space!

Isn't that photograph of colliding galaxies, taken from the worlds newest and largest telescope, simply incredible? So beautiful and so revealing. Amazing how one photograph of something 70 billion light years away can show just how tiny the human race is and that we are in so many ways as miniature as our dolls houses! Quite a thought! Time and space are so vast and we know so little about them, don't we? Of course, we mustn't forget that time and space are also something much closer to home and need to ensure we find both in our daily lives. Time to relax and the space for it! Wouldn't you just love to do just that with a delicious orange speciality coffee and some tasty German cookies? We would and we're sure you would too! They're completely irresistible!

Time and space for relaxing are something that is plentiful in the Hebrides & we hope that, wherever you are in the world, you too are finding your own version of that Hebridean peace !

Val & Sadie

Sunday, 2 October 2011

One More Taste Of Heaven!

The past week or so it's been as if Autumn had cast her spell over the change of season and Summer had finally been spirited away for the last time until she wins the fight again next year but, today, the second day of October, it has been rather like being in the eye of a hurricane. Perfect Hebridean blue skies, the garden full of birds, the colorful Goldfinches darting through the air like a sparkling flash of golden light! Even someone pushing a pram with a Summer parasol attached! 

Tonight though, the winds have returned and blown away our Summer oasis, probably this time for the last time this year. It was though, a perfect moment of reflection on the seasons passing! The stores are now slowly beginning to glitter with all the delights that make the years end sparkle and we are also brimming with exciting ideas for festive creations but, for now, lets think of cook in the miniature kitchen making tasty treats on her Chocolate Heaven Board for that cosy Autumn night by the fire! We hope you enjoy the photographs and don't forget to stop by our etsy store!

Val & Sadie

Melting chocolate, walnuts, rose & violet creams.....& so much more - can't you just
imagine the scents wafting from the kitchen??

Not forgetting the chocolate "bark", walnut whirls, praline truffles
& walnut marzipan! 

Tiny chocolates with a big impact!