Sunday, 16 October 2011

Christmas Miniatures!

Just a couple of weeks now until the clocks go back an hour here. That'll mean Halloween, darker nights &, in turn, that must mean the Festive Season is now drawing closer! This weekend is our Christmas Launch for seasonal miniatures & we've been so excited, waiting to show you these first gorgeous festive creations! There's Lebkuchen Christmas Cookies, a Festive Christmas Table Centerpiece, a Christmas Eve Sledge, a Snowman Christmas Tree & Yuletide Treats which include a rich chocolate Yule Log, Christmas pudding truffles & the last mince pie in the kitchen!

Being able to get lost in the magic of Christmas is yet another of the true joys of sculpting minis, bringing to life a transient world that visits us for a few short weeks every year! We look forward to sharing the Holidays with you all & diving headfirst into miniature sparkle!

Val & Sadie

Reality in miniature!!

We're counting down the weeks!!

So many tasty Christmas luxuries - where to start??

The perfect centerpiece for the festive table!

Just been blown out, there's still "hot wax" in the center of the candle!

With a taste & smell a bit like gingerbread, Lebkuchen Cookies are the epitome of Christmas flavors!

A contemporary twist on a festive tradition!

Christmas Eve & Santa Claus is on his way!


  1. Oh!!Son preciosos! Me encantan! Un beso. Maria

  2. Gracias, María, que esos medios mucho para mí! Sadie x