Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Celtic Warmth!

The Island is alive just now, full of people & music! This year it is the Hebrides turn to host the Royal National Mod, a cultural festival of Gaelic song. With programmes broadcast daily on Scottish television and participants from all over the country it is a celebration of the Gaelic language and culture! To hear the native language so alive, to see white fairy lights strung across the streets and with the Continental Market also visiting it is truly a wonderful atmosphere!

Unfortunately the same excitement can't be felt for the weather! Perfect for a chilly day such as today when the winds are blowing a hoolie, this delicious piping hot Irish Colcannon, mashed potatoes, cabbage, cream and butter, will be a filling part of any miniature meal!

Keep warm!
Val & Sadie

Traditional Irish Fare!

The official logo for this years Mod!

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