Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bringing Nature Home!

There is something about sculpting miniatures with a link to nature, that hold an essence of what lies in wait for us as we leave the modern world behind, and venture outdoors amongst the smells and sights of landscapes unchanged for centuries! The ability to recreate even a tiny part of that in miniature is a joy and discovering just the right way to make logs look like...well....logs is magical! The expression on someones face when they see them and exclaim "Logs!!" is a wonder! It isn't only logs, however, that feature in this basket, there's hot steaming toast, including a slice on a toasting fork, ready to eat from the roaring fire! The detail on the newspaper also fascinates the eye! As do all the little eggs in our basket of freshly collected farmyard eggs, each one with different markings or slightly different in shape and size!

As we always do, we hope you enjoy the photographs and that these minis appeal to you as much as they do to us!

Val & Sadie