Sunday, 30 June 2013


Even as a grown up there's something very special about birthdays! Admittedly as an adult there is often something more exciting to be had in wrapping those important presents for someone else and seeing the look of joy on their face as they open them but nevertheless we all love gifts and we most certainly can't let the residents of our miniature worlds miss out on the celebrations! This Birthday Surprise Board has not only lots of presents but some special chocolates which make up "Happy Birthday", a cake on a glass plate complete with tiny candle and a glass of Bucks Fizz which we must raise to Kat whose website, Four little walls is celebrating it's 1st birthday at the beginning of July!
Val & Sadie


Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Smells & Sounds Of A Bygone Age In Miniature?

It's always quite amazing the atmosphere one tiny miniature can conjure up. These Victorian Style Cookies are the perfect example as once we started thinking about those traditional Victorian afternoon teas we wanted to fill an entire tearoom from that age! It got us wondering if anyone has ever created a miniature scene and added the noise and smells too! Rather like those museums that take really seem to take you back in time. Sadie once visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York where they use sound and smell to make you feel as though you have left the modern day far, far behind as you travel through the Viking world!
Wouldn't it be the most fascinating thing to stick your nose into a miniature kitchen and smell freshly baked bread & hear the clanking of pots and pans?! Something we shall be pondering on for certain!
Val & Sadie


Sunday, 9 June 2013

"New On the Web" Feature In AIM IMag!!

Our website is this issue's "New On The Web" feature in Issue 46 of the Artisans In Miniature IMag! Huge thanks go to Marianne & Janet for making it such a fantastic piece! As always, this issue is full of brilliant articles and features and by the time you've finished reading you'll suddenly realise you were so absorbed you've forgotten it's Summer outside and you should have been out in this wonderful sunshine!!
Also, must say another big, big thanks to Amelia and Mei at Mini Food Tutorials for including the Summer Solstice Cake in their Weekly Highlights this week!
Val & Sadie

Friday, 7 June 2013

4th July Miniatures!

Who can resist an invitation to a party - particularly in miniature?! Creating something glittery is always the best of fun and with the 4th of July upon us in just a few short weeks now we're really excited about this wonderful collection of Independence Day themed minis we've just added to our online shop! 
A starburst of colorful celebration!!
Val & Sadie



Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer Solstice Cake, A Mini First?

June has arrived, & with it comes the longest day of the year! As the picture below, taken at 2:15am, shows here on Skye at this time of year the sun rises extra early, it never gets darker than sunset and the birds twitter all night long, but somehow that makes it all the more special!
This brand new Summer Solstice Cake is a very special addition to the mini world, something which we have never, ever seen before, and feel likely could be a miniature first! It was a really wonderful thing to design and create! Complete with a tiny stone circle, traditional gathering places for so many people on Midsummer's Morn to watch the first Summer sunrise!
Lastly for now,  huge thanks to Amelia & Mei at Mini Food Tutorials for once again including us (or more specifically, the Taste Of Summer Cake Slices!!) in their Weekly Highlights of what's new in the mini food world!
Val & Sadie

2:15am on the Isle of Skye, 30th May 2013!