Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fall In Miniature!

Every season has it's great joys and bright sparks and Fall is no exception. Whilst it is the season when the lush greens of Summertime fade and the winds sweep clean the leaves on the trees Fall, or Autumn as it's known here, is also a season of such bright and vivid colours. The greens and blues simply turn to golds, pinks, reds, oranges and yellows, such wonder to be found in trudging through a woodland, leaves crisp underfoot, birds singing amongst the ones still swinging from the branches of the trees above! It is a time of year that provides such inspiration for the miniature world and we're thrilled to bring you the launch of our first Fall minis for this year! From, ripened fruit straight from the trees to pumpkin bread and a crate of goodies ready for the finest Halloween Ball there's something for everyone to enjoy this season and they're all coming up soon in our etsy store so do remember to keep a look out!

Val & Sadie

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nature's Factory!

We have been so excited to bring everyone this beautiful Magical Vegetable Box - anyone who doesn't like their greens is surely going to change their mind at the prospect of such a tasty selection of veg! We're fast approaching that time of year again when the magical melting pot of Summer days, heatwaves and trees and plants full of so much life, sparkling with their leaves and flowers, turns to the golden delight of Fall and we begin thinking about harvesting the fruit (or in this case - vegetables!) of all the work that has been going on beneath our feet whilst we've been basking in those glorious sunny days! Summer is so much more than just what we see on the surface, it's a factory of nature, working hard to bring us the harvest at just the right time!

Val & Sadie


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Temptation Cookies!

There are so many times in a day when we'd all love to reach up to that top shelf where the cookies are kept and reach into the jar for one or two calorie laden treats, aren't there? No reason why those in the miniature world should be left out and we're sure that the whole dolls house will be ready to dive into this glass jar of luxury cookies and cook will have to be on hand to bake some more! It was such fun sculpting all these wee cookies and getting the detail just right! Again, it's that feeling of your brain being fooled into believing they're real and wondering why you can smell chocolate chip cookies all around you!

With Fall creeping ever nearer we've begun designing some new miniatures for the season which is proving to be really exciting - all those beautiful colours we can work with! So many exciting things to look forward to!

Val & Sadie

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fireworks & Fairs!

Summer is in full flow here on the island and in addition to many visitors we've also had another Continental Market in town this week offering French crepes, olives, German biscuits and Garlic Prawns - so many treats and delicious smells wafting through the streets!! We've also had the fair visiting this week, colourful and lively, so a busy Island we have been!

Travel away from the bustling centre of town and you're back amongst the hills and lochs where we spend our time sculpting in the quiet stillness of true island life! There's always something to watch and inspire though, whether it be a fisherman unloading his catch at the pier, a Buzzard flying high overhead before swooping down to perch on the wooden fencepost opposite the window or, as last night when Sadie was sat by the window sculpting miniature potatoes, a firework display - the twilight sky lit up with greens, silvers and reds!

Here are a couple of new miniatures that have fired our imaginations recently and we hope so much that they do yours too!

Val & Sadie

Summer Celebration Ham Platter!

Wholegrain Mustard

Italian Pasta Lunch Board!