Sunday, 25 September 2011

Miniatures Make Time Stand Still!

Three months today and we'll all be celebrating Christmas Day! Hard to believe, isn't it? Time passes so quickly, each year seemingly faster than the last, yet we must always try to find ways throughout the months to make time stand still and create lots of wonderful memories to carry into the next year! It doesn't always have to be the big events in a year that create the most special of memories, either. Sometimes it can be the things of everyday life, watching the lights sparkle in the dolls house as the nights draw in or the moment you realise a new design has fallen into place in wonderful new ways you didn't expect!

The dolls house is the most amazing way to make time stand still, creating worlds in miniature that you can stand and admire without everything rushing past in a whirl! Even this new mini, the Vegetable Show Display, will remain fresh on the kitchen table as though life were unmoving! That is one of the incredible things about miniatures - they are our ability to freeze time....and what a magical one it is!

We can't go without telling you our exciting news this week.... Homewardflight's Halloween & Fall miniatures are currently featured on 
     The Mini Food Blog 
   so don't forget to take a look!

Val & Sadie


  1. The harvest was perfect! :)
    I love these vegetables!

  2. I always love sculpting vegetables, Eliana, they always look so colorful & vibrant!!