Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Date & Walnut Cake Slices - An Olympic Snack?

Making something you've never seen in miniature before is always special & that is part of why creating these 4 Date & Walnut Cake Slices was such a treat! Of course, it helps that they look delicious and awfully tempting too! Dates & Walnuts have always been some of our favourite foods so to be able to combine them in a miniature cake is wonderful! The perfect treat for the 1:12th scale family to sit down and watch a certain Important Sporting Event taking place here at the moment with!! Even here, at the opposite end of the country to London, we haven't escaped the Olympic Buzz! The supermarket stocks Official Olympic London 2012 sweets, the phone boxes have huge adverts for the Games adorning them, the cafes have special Olympic menus and a local festival even has it's own Fun Olympics Day this August, complete with races and prizes!

Val & Sadie 


Monday, 23 July 2012

Eye Catching Cake Slices!

There's something that makes the miniature cake very difficult to beat for eye catching! All the tiny detail in the texture of the sponge draws the eye in and makes you just want to stare at it for hours!! The addition of the different colours of sponge in these 4 Marble Cake Slices makes it even more enticing! Then of course there's these 4 Chocolate Cake Slices and any 1:12th scale chocolate miniatures are worthy of pride of place on the dollhouse table so when they're topped with mini chocolate truffles they're extra special!! Such a delight to create, we hope you enjoy these wonderful cakes as much as us!

Val & Sadie

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Freshly Picked Lettuce With Caterpillars & Ladybugs!

Life is all around us, everywhere we look and the miniature world must, under no circumstances, be an exception!! There's a whole miniature world going on within the miniature world itself inside this Freshly Picked Lettuce With Caterpillars & Ladybugs! Every leaf individually handmade, it's always so much fun to see a miniature like this coming to life, bit by bit!

Summer is in full flood here & it's quite amazing to watch tourists park their cars, get out and gather round to take photographs of a view that is "just" the everyday view from your worktable! It's quite surreal to be working on new miniatures and suddenly see a group of tourists who have likely come all the way from America, Japan & so many other places having their photograph taken outside! To take us back to the begininng of this post, life is indeed all around us & comes from all across the globe to just outside the window where the worktable sits!!

Have a great start to the new week & we hope you enjoy the lettuce as much as us!

Val & Sadie 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Ice Cream Project in AIM Magazine!

Once again whilst other areas of the UK are deluged with rain we are basking in glorious July sunshine with baking temperatures here in the Islands! Of course July also means it's time for a new edition of AIM (Artisans In Miniature) magazine and we're absolutely delighted to have a project featured in this issue! Find out how to make our tempting Summer ice creams along with a wealth of other projects and articles from lots of talented miniature artisans!

We are also delighted to once again be featured on
with our American Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger!

Lots of new minis on the way so until next time!

Val & Sadie

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th July!

A very Happy 4th July to everyone celebrating Independence Day in the USA today! We couldn't resist adding a little something to the celebrations here in Scotland with this yummy miniature 1:12th scale American Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger, the perfect addition to our Etsy store today!

Val & Sadie