Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sunflowers & Summer Cakes!

There's something so definably Summery about golden sunflowers! Sunflowers were the inspirational starting point for these 4 Mixed Taste Of Summer Cake Slices, festooned with sugar flowers, fruit and piled high with rich icing!

Here on Skye, the lingering chill to the wind finally seems to have abated and the picture window in front of the worktable reveals a green and blue landscape, visible rays of sun beaming down from the sky like brush strokes painting Summertime! However, if you're still feeling the last beats of Winter's heart in this late Spring then hopefully these photographs of the Summer cakes will bring a little hope and a reminder that the longest day is just around the corner.....but more on that next time!!

Finally, a big thanks must go to Mini Food Tutorials for featuring the Luxury Baked Camembert in their weekly highlights of what's new in the mini food world, great to be included!

Val & Sadie

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Luxury Baked Camembert!

What a glorious weekend it's been here on Skye, 22ÂșC and glorious sunshine today! We've once again reached that time in the year when there's blue in the sky all night long & the horizon shimmers with the hope of midsummer just a little less than five weeks away!

Sitting outside in the warm breeze with a slice of bruschetta, piled high with gooey camembert, cranberry sauce made with fresh cranberries and one or two pieces of crispy lettuce is so good and the miniature world demands not to be left out! Therefore we've just added this Luxury Baked Camembert to our online store!

Hope the weather's as good where you are too!

Val & Sadie

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Taste Of Summer On Skye Marble!

Swallows always arrive much later in Spring here on Skye than many parts of the UK. By the very nature of our location as the last outpost of Western Europe before the huge swell of the Atlantic Ocean, our islands are further away from their wintering grounds in Africa, but this week the first of our Summer visitors completed its long journey & was seen soaring against blue skies above the loch!

This tempting board crammed full of flavoursome Italian Specialities also comes complete with a little bit of Scotland....specifically a little bit of the Isle of Skye as the board is made from the famous Skye Marble, making it something unique and incredibly special!

Val & Sadie

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Rummage Box!

Our new website has been so popular that we've realised we want to concentrate on it much more so, whilst our Etsy store hasn't closed, it is for the moment resting! Miniatures previously found there are now on our website, mostly in our br...and new Rummage Box which is where you'll always find us making way for new season stock with miniatures at miniature prices!!!
Val & Sadie