Thursday, 30 June 2011

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

We love being diverse and coming up with new ideas, designs and delicious delights and it looks as if Cook has been busy following our lead in the dolls house kitchen!! A Sunshine Breakfast Bagel with Potato Hash Browns in the morning, Roast Beef & traditional British Horseradish Sauce Sandwiches for lunch and a tasty Mixed Grill for dinner followed by a delicious Wild Berry Chocolate Marble Cake which will have everyone coming back for seconds!

We hope so much that you'll enjoy the photographs of these new minis and don't forget they can also be found in our etsy store so please check that out too at 

Val & Sadie

Sunshine Breakfast Bagel with Potato Hash Browns

Breakfast Time!

Roast Beef & British Horseradish Sauce Sandwich Board

Meaty Mixed Grill!

A Hearty Dinner!
Wild Berry Chocolate Marble Cake

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Icing On The Cake!

Very busy this afternoon putting the finishing touches to a miniature Wild Berry Chocolate Marble Cake but we are now in receipt of our new glossy cards for inclusion with every order and we're so excited about them that we just had to stop by to share the design with everyone!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Great British Gastronomy!!

When we finally switched off our new flexi lamp (for working on those tiny details into the wee small hours!!) at 2am last night we realised that it wasn't dark, the sky remaining a rich midnight blue all night long! Summer is in full flood!! Here are some photographs of one or two of our recent minis, an English Ploughman's Lunch Picnic Platter, a Chicken and Leek Pie with Golden Mashed Potatoes and a Melt In The Middle Chocolate Dessert. The platter is the perfect lunch for Summer days, the pie for those days when the weathers a little cooler and the chocolate dessert for those days when nothing less than comfort food will do!!! 

Finally here's a photograph Sadie took of the hills of County Antrim, Ireland from our beautiful Scottish coast earlier this month! Two countries both full to the brim with Gastronomic Inspiration for mini making!!

Val & Sadie

The delight's in the detail!!

English Ploughman's Lunch Platter For All The Family!

Tiny but plenty for everyone in the dolls house!!

Chicken & Leek Pie With Golden Mashed Potatoes
Melt In The Middle Chocolate Dessert

Such Delicious Sponge!!
Melting Moment!

The hills of Co. Antrim

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sounds & Sights of Summer!

Well, Summer is almost here now and the sun is very definitely shining! The Swallows arrive home from their Winter migration very late here and it wasn't until late May that we saw our very first one of the year! We have though, very recently, heard a Corncrake just outside our door - that rare bird often associated with our Islands. They are extremely secretive so seeing one is a real rarity and on this occasion we had to make do with hearing it's distinctive call!

We are, of course, continuing to be extremely busy on the miniatures front and we have three new items to show you! A couple of things for those Summer days when cooking just isn't an option - Chicken & Pesto Panini with Vegetable Chips & Salad and a Packed Lunch. Also we have another traditional British recipe, an English favourite, Bubble & Squeak! As always they can be found in our etsy store so please take a look!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the lovely weather & having a great start to the Summer both in and out of the Miniature World!

Val & Sadie

Chicken & Pesto Panini with Vegetable Chips & Salad - Good Enough To Eat!
Absolutely Delicious!

English Bubble & Squeak

Sizzling & Crispy - Hot From The Stove!!

The Perfect Day Out With A Packed Lunch!!