Monday, 23 April 2012

After Dinner Mints

There's something so tempting about these tiny 1/12th scale After Dinner Mints, they make you want to shrink and clamber into the dolls house!! At just £6.99 (approx. $11.54) they're a miniature price too!

All other items in our Etsy store are at mini prices too with 50% or more off everything as we look ahead to more exciting minis to come in the new season!

Val & Sadie 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Reductions & Cake!!

The gorgeous, sunny days of Spring we've been enjoying on the Islands recently have never tasted so good! This Iced Cherry Bun Cluster is so tempting! Makes you think that even on days when it feels too warm to be in the kitchen you should set to work and make the real thing!!! This bun cluster is the latest addition to our Etsy store at just £5.99 (approx. $9.87!) and we hope you enjoy it as much as us!

Don't forget that, looking ahead to new minis, all prices in our Etsy store are now reduced by 50% or more!

Val & Sadie


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Baking The Prices Down!!!

When time passes so quickly it's wonderful to be able to "hold the moment" in the miniature world! We could just stare for hours at this tempting Tray Of Bakery Goodies which was added to our Etsy store today at just £9.50 (approx. $15.62!), less than half it's original price! With all minis in our shop now at 50% or more off their original sales tags as we make way for exciting new miniatures it's a wonderful time to spring into a bright time of year!

Val & Sadie 

Tray Of Bakery Goodies £9.50 (Approx. $15.62)