Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time & Space!

Isn't that photograph of colliding galaxies, taken from the worlds newest and largest telescope, simply incredible? So beautiful and so revealing. Amazing how one photograph of something 70 billion light years away can show just how tiny the human race is and that we are in so many ways as miniature as our dolls houses! Quite a thought! Time and space are so vast and we know so little about them, don't we? Of course, we mustn't forget that time and space are also something much closer to home and need to ensure we find both in our daily lives. Time to relax and the space for it! Wouldn't you just love to do just that with a delicious orange speciality coffee and some tasty German cookies? We would and we're sure you would too! They're completely irresistible!

Time and space for relaxing are something that is plentiful in the Hebrides & we hope that, wherever you are in the world, you too are finding your own version of that Hebridean peace !

Val & Sadie

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