Monday, 21 November 2011

Stollen Moments!

There remains light in the sky until almost 5pm now and it's now a little less than a month until the shortest day when we'll be heading back in the right direction towards lighter nights again! You wouldn't have believed it was so near the end of the year stood on the shores of Loch Dunvegan today, it was beautiful and far from the stereotype of a dreich day! The castle there is a big draw for the visitors in Summer but just now it's all quiet, the only sound to be heard today was that of the burgeoning stream shuttling past! The leaves are an amazing mixture of golds and oranges and against the backdrop of the low sun it made for a perfect Autumn scene!

Hard to believe that it's just a couple of days until all our friends in America celebrate Thanksgiving and just a few days after that until Advent Sunday dawns and the Festive Season truly begins in earnest! Although, Sadie did talk to someone today who had already received their very first Christmas card of the year!! Time, then, for a slice of Christmas Stollen Cake! This is a very special festive miniature as it's the first mini to come on one of our new handmade 'granite' effect boards! More important than that though, is that the Christmas Stollen itself looks more than appetizing....if only it were real!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Val & Sadie

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Islands of Detail!

The Isle of Skye is very much like this Party Celebration Platter - so many different and wonderful things to discover! Even yesterday, in the rain, so much joy was to be found in watching the waterfalls, overflowing and alive, cascading down the mountainside! A different and stunning view of the sea is presented at every turn and in all it's moods it touches your heart. There have been many beautiful, sunny days since we moved to Skye, where the loch has been like a millpond, so the rain was indeed a new discovery as the Island changed it's face. A stunning place in all weathers, we hope to bring you some pictures of different places on our new island home as we travel around so don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

In the meantime, we hope, as always, that you enjoy the photographs of the latest addition to our Etsy store, all the tiny details really draw the eye in!

Val & Sadie


Monday, 7 November 2011

Over The Horizon...

    It's been such an exciting week! Not only has Sadie been featured in an       AIM (Artisans In Miniature) Member Showcase, which is absolutely thrilling, but Homewardflight has relocated across the water to the Isle of Skye! The most famous & beautiful of Scotland's Hebridean Islands, we are so very lucky to be here! Our workspace has the most inspirational view across the loch to the hills beyond & it is quite incredible to be able to sit & create something you love in a location such as this! We have had lovely weather but when the showers have come they always end with a multitude of quite stunning rainbows & the Isle of Skye is the pot of gold at the end!

Sadie is working on a particularly exciting project at the moment & we can't wait to be able to share it with everyone! We've got some wonderful things coming up in the run up to Christmas so stay with Homewardflight as we explore the miniature world from our new viewpoint! In the meantime we thought everyone would like to see something else for the miniature Christmas larder that just went into our Etsy store today, a mouthwatering British Cranberry Pork Pie. There's also a few photographs of the island taken this weekend...who would know it was November? It looks like Summer!!

Val & Sadie