Friday, 29 July 2011

Time To Take Homework Off Ice!

Summer is a time when we're all big kids at heart, enjoying those tasty treats we slave through a cold winter for, such as ice creams on hot sunny days! Sadie had such fun making these Cooling Ice Creams and the stoneware that the tiny bowl of vanilla and chocolate ice cream is made from is always such a joy to work with!

It has been the epitomy of Summer on our Island recently, everyone taking as much time as they can to savour the beautiful weather, the rich inspiring green of the life that grows from our peaty soil and although the skies are now darkening by midnight, the late Summer nights and their stillness allows you to see the wonder of the place where we live. In many places, the view has remained completely unchanged for thousands of years bar the occasional croft house on a hill at the other side of the loch!

Here in Scotland though, our school holidays are in line with those in the United States and, unlike England where the schools are only just starting their Summer break, we shall soon be heading towards the end of another of our Islands so distinctive seasons. So, for the youngsters homework will be soon back on the agenda but as this wonderful Homework Snack Time miniature shows it can be just as colorful as the bright blue skies of the holidays!

Val & Sadie


  1. Hmmm! Delicious ... : D
    Great job, I loved it.

  2. Carinissimo il tuo blog.....che belle minis!!!!
    I gelati sono bellissimi e ti viene voglia di mangiarli....complimenti!!!

  3. Eliana, thank you so much! We always strive so hard to ensure our miniatures look delicious and most importantly real!

    Patrizia, what a wonderful compliment from Italy where ice cream is understood so well!

    Sadie & Val