Friday, 8 July 2011

Wild Mountain 'Time'!

The sprigs of Wild Scottish Heather which decorate this plate of mouthwatering buttery shortbread cookies are one of the tiniest creations Sadie has ever made, each tiny detailed piece hand sculpted in the beautiful Island sunshine we've had this week! Making something so minute means dedication but every second is so worthwhile when you see the piece coming to life before your eyes and you realise that it looks so very much as if it was indeed the smallest sprig of Heather plucked from the Highland Hillside of one of our beautiful Fairy Glens where everything is made in miniature by nature!

Sat here now it's after ten thirty but the sky is still blue and the hills to the west of the Island look golden as the sun gets lower, setting but never quite disappearing in these long days of Summertime, always leaving a lingering glow of blue shimmering across the 'night' skies and us with uncertain body clocks which tell us to go on sculpting well past the time of sleep!!

Val & Sadie

Homebaked Highland Shortbread Cookies

The world's 'shortest' shortbread??

              ....and a couple of creations that have recently found new homes!                       
Woodland Foraging Basket

If you were to go down to the woods today, you'd be sure of a tasty supper!!!

6 Summer Ice Creams

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