Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Taste Of Sunshine!

The Continental Street Market has been visiting our Island this week and the weather couldn't have been better, warm, the sun shining, people filling the streets! With all the people here for the market, our Hebridean Celtic Music Festival and a cruise liner in the bay the Island has been so vibrant!! The smell of tasty treats filled the air and wandering around all the wonderful stalls, full of colour, has brought us lots of ideas for minis!

In the meantime though, we have had such fun putting together this Summer Lunch Board! Some of our favourite miniatures are those with many facets - all the tiny little things so intriguing and full of detail! Truly delicious! It began its journey as a much smaller miniature and just grew and grew as time went on, inspiration like a waterfall!! There's also a picture of some scrummy Marshmallows coming up soon!

Val & Sadie

Making Lunch!

Salmon Pate

What to eat first???

Marshmallows for the sweet tooth!

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