Sunday, 24 July 2011

Miniature Moments!

With our lives so busy nowadays, everything always on the move, there's something enchanting about miniatures....a wonderful stillness about them in an always turning world! Being able to pile your miniature kitchen table with all those treats that you'd never be able to eat before they reached their use by date is a dream! Then there's all those calorie laden treats such as this Iced Coffee with Double Chocolate Muffin & Caramel Shortcakes along with a Summer Berry Pavolva which are every bit as good as the real thing if not better because they're still there the next day to enjoy all over again....and again every day after that - all without piling on the pounds!

We're heading towards August and in the miniature world, just as in the real one, we're always thinking ahead, so it won't be too long now before we're turning our imaginations towards autumn so in the meantime lets make the most of Summer, both in the real and mini worlds!

Val & Sadie

Iced Coffee, perfect for these Summer days!

Sprinkled with chocolate, can't you just taste that cream?!

Fresh berries & clotted cream nestled in fluffy meringue!

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