Sunday, 3 July 2011

Waffle-ing On!!

The holiday season is now in full flow, we had a beautiful big cruise liner here yesterday, her cargo of holidaymakers taking a bus tour of the island. We watched as they arrived back at the small launch that would take them back to their ship and it felt quite sad as we imagined that, for many of them, this would have been the trip of a lifetime, their one and only visit to somewhere that they'd dreamed about, read about, seen photographs of and longed to visit. Yet, these islands are our home and when we watched them sail back aboard their waiting floating home we drove back and became once more absorbed in mini making! We feel extremely lucky to be where we are and to be doing something we love so very much! We love sharing a wee bit our world with everyone through our miniatures and here are some photographs of some new creations, a Waffle Making Board, some tasty Irish Soda Bread and last but by no means least Cheese and Crackers!!

We'd also like to wish all our customers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Happy 4th of July! Have a great and really special day!

Val & Sadie

Waffle Making Board

Irish Soda Bread

Cheese & Crackers!

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