Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fireworks & Fairs!

Summer is in full flow here on the island and in addition to many visitors we've also had another Continental Market in town this week offering French crepes, olives, German biscuits and Garlic Prawns - so many treats and delicious smells wafting through the streets!! We've also had the fair visiting this week, colourful and lively, so a busy Island we have been!

Travel away from the bustling centre of town and you're back amongst the hills and lochs where we spend our time sculpting in the quiet stillness of true island life! There's always something to watch and inspire though, whether it be a fisherman unloading his catch at the pier, a Buzzard flying high overhead before swooping down to perch on the wooden fencepost opposite the window or, as last night when Sadie was sat by the window sculpting miniature potatoes, a firework display - the twilight sky lit up with greens, silvers and reds!

Here are a couple of new miniatures that have fired our imaginations recently and we hope so much that they do yours too!

Val & Sadie

Summer Celebration Ham Platter!

Wholegrain Mustard

Italian Pasta Lunch Board!