Monday, 23 January 2012

The Signature of Spring

Miniatures such as this Luncheon Platter have grown to become very much Homewardflight's signature pieces, with their fine detail and so many different & tempting things! They are certainly a joy to design, sculpt & put together! There's something about a plate full of lots of tasty looking temptations whether in miniature or in the kitchen which draws in the eye & certainly the hunger pangs!

Fresh salad leaves mixed with the sparkling sunshine of this lunchtime you could be quite easily mistaken for thinking the year was moving on a pace but it is still only January & the sheep gathered around the bales of hay left to replenish their Winter energy reserves are there to remind us that the days are still cold! The sunshine though, also reminds us that Spring is still there, waiting in the wings to flood into bloom!

Val & Sadie

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