Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fruits of the Seasons!

Walking around the Sleat penninsula, known as the Garden of Skye, yesterday there were signs of all seasons! Snow on the mountains represented Winter, the glorious sunshine, the clear Caribbean blue seas with matching blue skies & not a breath of wind represented Summertime, the smell & crackle of a bonfire lit to burn wood blown down in the recent storms was so reminiscent of those Autumn days not long since past & then, finally, there were the crocuses & snowdrops, the first sign of new life, showing us that Spring is not so far away after all!

We hope so much that you enjoy the pictures of the Island in it's day of all seasons yesterday & that this Fresh Fruit Selection gives you the feeling for that taste of sunny days as much as it does us!

Val & Sadie


  1. Beautiful plate with fruits!
    What beautiful photos of Sleat!

  2. Thank you so much, Eliana! It was a stunning day!

    Val & Sadie :-)