Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Heart of Nature!

Easter Eggs are in the shops already so it must be nearly St. Valentines Day!! These Valentines Chocolates & Truffles are so very tiny but all the more enticing for it & the photograph with the penny makes you realise just how tiny each chocolate & truffle is!

We were entranced by another rare visitor to our garden the other day, a visitor whose claw is larger than this miniature as a whole. Not so long ago it was a Pine Marten making a pit stop on it's way between hills & mountains but this visitor was a bird of prey! The Buzzard is a little smaller than the Golden Eagle but nevertheless looks quite spectacular when it's sat on the fencepost outside the window in front of your worktable overlooking the lochs & hills! It was staring straight at us and quite a sight, one which we hope will be repeated many, many times! Skye is such an amazing place for nature & the things you can see while sculpting miniatures are quite incredible!

Don't forget that all Homewardflight miniatures in our CDHM Gallery are now available for purchase there!

Val & Sadie


So tiny!!


  1. The chocolates look delicious!I wouldn't mind getting a box of them for Valentine!
    Miniature greetings

  2. Valentines Day is a little bit of brightness in the depths of Winter!!

    Val & Sadie