Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fall In Miniature!

Every season has it's great joys and bright sparks and Fall is no exception. Whilst it is the season when the lush greens of Summertime fade and the winds sweep clean the leaves on the trees Fall, or Autumn as it's known here, is also a season of such bright and vivid colours. The greens and blues simply turn to golds, pinks, reds, oranges and yellows, such wonder to be found in trudging through a woodland, leaves crisp underfoot, birds singing amongst the ones still swinging from the branches of the trees above! It is a time of year that provides such inspiration for the miniature world and we're thrilled to bring you the launch of our first Fall minis for this year! From, ripened fruit straight from the trees to pumpkin bread and a crate of goodies ready for the finest Halloween Ball there's something for everyone to enjoy this season and they're all coming up soon in our etsy store so do remember to keep a look out!

Val & Sadie

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