Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nature's Factory!

We have been so excited to bring everyone this beautiful Magical Vegetable Box - anyone who doesn't like their greens is surely going to change their mind at the prospect of such a tasty selection of veg! We're fast approaching that time of year again when the magical melting pot of Summer days, heatwaves and trees and plants full of so much life, sparkling with their leaves and flowers, turns to the golden delight of Fall and we begin thinking about harvesting the fruit (or in this case - vegetables!) of all the work that has been going on beneath our feet whilst we've been basking in those glorious sunny days! Summer is so much more than just what we see on the surface, it's a factory of nature, working hard to bring us the harvest at just the right time!

Val & Sadie



  1. Thanks so much, Eliana, or as we say in Scottish Gaelic, Tapadh Leibh!