Monday, 30 May 2011

British Classics In Miniature

Two of our latest miniatures represent two British classics - the Ploughman's Lunch & the Roast Dinner! An icon of English culture the Ploughman's Lunch is to be found on many a pub menu as you dawdle through the English countryside! Our Chicken Roast Dinner is dinner with a peppery twist - two delicious stuffed peppers accompany the lemon drizzled bird itself along with Goose Fat Roast Potatoes, Chipolata Sausages, Garden Peas & Chantenay Carrots!

It never quite gets dark here on our Atlantic outpost just now, the longest day is just weeks away and the days truly are long. Constant light in the skies are no incentive to put down our creativity and go to bed these days and we often find ourselves working into the wee small hours! Tonight is no exception and the dawn is breaking to the tune of a French Macaroon Cake!

Val & Sadie

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