Friday, 13 May 2011

The Way The Cookie Crumbles!

We think these gorgeous cookies are truly one of our favorite minis! They are something really, really special and we've been very excited and looking forward to sharing them with everyone - we've been refreshing the computer more than often waiting for blogger to start working again so we could finally post some pictures! So, now that everything is functioning again here they are, along with a selection of our other recent minis!! The Mini Whirlwind continues here in the Hebrides with a Fruit Tart, an Apple Pie & something different with French Macaroons - but that's all for next time!!

Val & Sadie

Luxury Cookie Selection

So tiny!!!

Good enough to eat - if only the plate were bigger than 1 inch across!!!

 Traditional Italian Fusilli Pasta Dish With Pancetta & Tomato

Close up!

Spring Picnic Basket

Complete With Harris Tweed Blanket!

Deli Steak Sandwich

What The Word Miniature Was Invented For!!

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