Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sounds & Sights of Summer!

Well, Summer is almost here now and the sun is very definitely shining! The Swallows arrive home from their Winter migration very late here and it wasn't until late May that we saw our very first one of the year! We have though, very recently, heard a Corncrake just outside our door - that rare bird often associated with our Islands. They are extremely secretive so seeing one is a real rarity and on this occasion we had to make do with hearing it's distinctive call!

We are, of course, continuing to be extremely busy on the miniatures front and we have three new items to show you! A couple of things for those Summer days when cooking just isn't an option - Chicken & Pesto Panini with Vegetable Chips & Salad and a Packed Lunch. Also we have another traditional British recipe, an English favourite, Bubble & Squeak! As always they can be found in our etsy store so please take a look!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the lovely weather & having a great start to the Summer both in and out of the Miniature World!

Val & Sadie

Chicken & Pesto Panini with Vegetable Chips & Salad - Good Enough To Eat!
Absolutely Delicious!

English Bubble & Squeak

Sizzling & Crispy - Hot From The Stove!!

The Perfect Day Out With A Packed Lunch!!

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  1. Hi,love the foods are so real and yummy!!! Mini regards from Spain,Sonia.