Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stepping Into Christmas!

To live somewhere where you can see the horizon all around you, a perfect panoramic circle of hills, lochs, waterfalls and sky, unobstructed by the mayhem of life in the world beyond, is a very special thing at any time of year and the Festive Season always adds a new layer of magic to island life! The first snowfalls have arrived on the Island and winter came knocking on the door - quite literally - this week with large hailstones forming a curtain from the sky between us and the hills!

The countdown to Christmas does, of course, officially begin with Advent (Advent Sunday is only a week tomorrow!) so that seems like the right place to start delving into Christmas in miniature!
This wonderful Advent Candle With Just Blown Out Smoke Effect was the first seasonal addition to our online store this year, along with this Festive Tear & Share Bread and this Individual Cranberry & Orange Cake.  
Val & Sadie


 photo adventcandleoval_zpsbfea3dba.jpg
 photo adventcandle8_zps9bd43256.jpg
 photo FestiveTearampShareBread_zps5ac4517f.jpg
 photo FestiveTearampShareBread2_zps70628cba.jpg photo FestiveTearampShareBread4_zps17bbc789.jpg
 photo FestiveTearampShareBread3_zpsc4bdf373.jpg
 photo FestiveTearampShareBread5_zpsd1d9494b.jpg  photo cranberryorangecake_zps8fafc6f8.jpg  photo cranberryorangecake2_zps5319c39c.jpg


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