Thursday, 4 July 2013

Baking Day In The Mini Kitchen & Other News....

Creating something so tiny that looks so fascinatingly real and comes alive before your eyes never fails to spark amazement! The "just broken" egg in this Baking Day Mixing Bowl, the just poured in flour, all "mid stir" are what making a miniature world is all about!!


Happy 4th July to all those celebrating today! Sumaiya at The Mini Food Blog has very kindly featured our 4th July Strawberries today. Sparkly red white & blue strawberries - what could be more delicious at a party today?!!
Also today, our web hosts, Create, have chosen our 4 Tier Cheese Wedding Cake to feature in their Wedding Showcase! Have a look!!
If you're a fan of our Rummage Box then look out for some new additions to The Rummage Box section of our website very soon.....
 .....but finally for now, as you might have noticed from the right hand sidebar, we're now on Flickr! A wonderful colour filled gallery of Homewardflight miniatures!
Val & Sadie

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  1. I love prep scenes with eggs! Don't know why, I just find them so amazing. This is simply delightful! :D

    Many mini hugs,