Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Illusion Of Lunch In Miniature!

A trip round a doll house or miniature scene is like the most wonderful of magic shows, the illusion of feeling as if we've been shrunk into a tiny world and seeing all these things around us which so perfectly replicate either the world in which we live or, perhaps, a world in which we dream of living! That's why we couldn't wait to share these new photographs of that English favorite, the Ploughmans Lunch, which is now available in our online store. The chutney, the cheese and oh, those tiny cherry tomatoes, all making the eye wonder for just a second...could it be the real thing in fairy size? The photograph with the penny makes us wish it were and we really were that small and could just sit down on a sunny day and enjoy a bite of English culture!

Val & Sadie

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