Thursday, 4 April 2013

Magic Of Spring Garden Logs!

Creating a miniature with so much detail can take you on an amazing journey without ever leaving your seat! Whether it be watching as the texture of the "wood" comes alive or adding the tiny details such as the down in the nest it's like discovering a miniature world within a miniature world! Whether by the dollhouse front door or in the miniature garden there are so many places where these Magic Of Spring Garden Logs could cast their spell!!

In addition to our Food Gallery on CDHM we also now have a Gallery in Indoors Out so if you love nature in miniature that's the place to watch!

Val & Sadie

As the Easter Egg wrappers are cleared away for another year, our final Easter/Spring 2013 Collection!


  1. What lovely flowers! I am getting ready to make some polymer clay flowers to landscape one of our dollhouses - this really inspires me! :D

    Many mini hugs,

    1. Thank you, Jackie! So pleased to have helped inspire you with your own creations!!

      Big hugs from the Isle of Skye,
      Sadie & Val