Monday, 3 September 2012

It's Baking Day!

With the nights now becoming longer, the curtains being drawn a wee bit sooner every night, the mind definitely turns to home comforts and what could be more comforting on these cooler, darkening nights than some good old fashioned home baking! We've been baking in both the full size and miniature worlds lately and both provides inspiration for the other!!

Creating the start of the baking process in miniature is always such a lot of fun, getting all the ingredients together in the bowl and, complete with some broken eggshells dropped by a cook in a hurry, here's a gorgeous mixing bowl full of ingredients which has recently found a wonderful new home along with the finished product of a night of baking - some more of our cake slices, some of which have also found a special new home but also including 4 Violet & Lemon Cake Slices which have just been added to our Etsy store!

Val & Sadie