Sunday, 16 September 2012

Anyone For Coffee?

Forget any lingering post Summer blues and replace the warmth of August sunshine with a warming Autumn coffee! All the little details on a miniature such as this Indulgent Autumn Coffee are always so exciting to put together, whether it be the nuts the chocolate truffle is rolled in or the tiny pieces of chocolate and orange rind scatted over the freshly whipped cream! It is, without a doubt, a case of the more detail on a miniature the better!!

We're delighted that a Homewardflight miniature appears in the Gallery Feature of the new edition of the AIM (Artisans In Miniature) iMag which this issue explores the use of time in the miniature world! It is a really fantastic magazine which always provides hours of wonderful reading & inspiration! In fact, perfect for settling down to with a coffee!! To read the magazine just click on the picture of the front cover at the bottom of the blog!

Val & Sadie


  1. I was going to be good and NOT go get a gingerbread latte today but having seen this now I'm going to HAVE to. ha!
    Looks fab as always.
    Kat x

    1. Thank you Kat! You're always very kind. I dare say that I often sculpt what I would like most myself! Sadie x