Sunday, 15 July 2012

Freshly Picked Lettuce With Caterpillars & Ladybugs!

Life is all around us, everywhere we look and the miniature world must, under no circumstances, be an exception!! There's a whole miniature world going on within the miniature world itself inside this Freshly Picked Lettuce With Caterpillars & Ladybugs! Every leaf individually handmade, it's always so much fun to see a miniature like this coming to life, bit by bit!

Summer is in full flood here & it's quite amazing to watch tourists park their cars, get out and gather round to take photographs of a view that is "just" the everyday view from your worktable! It's quite surreal to be working on new miniatures and suddenly see a group of tourists who have likely come all the way from America, Japan & so many other places having their photograph taken outside! To take us back to the begininng of this post, life is indeed all around us & comes from all across the globe to just outside the window where the worktable sits!!

Have a great start to the new week & we hope you enjoy the lettuce as much as us!

Val & Sadie