Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Date & Walnut Cake Slices - An Olympic Snack?

Making something you've never seen in miniature before is always special & that is part of why creating these 4 Date & Walnut Cake Slices was such a treat! Of course, it helps that they look delicious and awfully tempting too! Dates & Walnuts have always been some of our favourite foods so to be able to combine them in a miniature cake is wonderful! The perfect treat for the 1:12th scale family to sit down and watch a certain Important Sporting Event taking place here at the moment with!! Even here, at the opposite end of the country to London, we haven't escaped the Olympic Buzz! The supermarket stocks Official Olympic London 2012 sweets, the phone boxes have huge adverts for the Games adorning them, the cafes have special Olympic menus and a local festival even has it's own Fun Olympics Day this August, complete with races and prizes!

Val & Sadie 



  1. I'm blown away by the realism of your miniature cakes. Congrats for your wonderful work. ;)

    1. Making miniatures look real is my passion and to know that I have achieved that means such a lot! Thank you so much, Eliana!

      Sadie :-)