Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Memories & Miniatures

There's no limits to making miniatures, it's not limited by any boundaries or possibilities, it can take you to all those places your imagination dreams of! We talked recently about family history and the inspiration the farm kitchens of our ancestors had been for mini making and it is all so true, making miniatures can take you into the past, the future or just recreate something from the present so that you never have to let it go! Miniatures are something that transcend the door of the dolls house & sit just as well as a memory or decoration in the Big House!

This Making Pesto - Pestle & Mortar would look very nice on the miniature kitchen table, busy with all the work of the day laid out preparing the evening meal! It's the tiny details of real life that fit so well into the miniature life!!

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Val & Sadie

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