Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Food Of Love & Hope!

There's been a real feeling of Spring in the air these last few days! The light in the sky just doesn't quite say Winter anymore & instead sparkles with hope of renewal & gorse bushes blooming into life all around us! There's nothing quite like the sense of excitement that a new season is almost here! Certainly daylight continues to flood through the windows much later already! Down by the loch this past weekend you felt as if even the birds knew that things were coming back to life! Oystercatchers scrabbling around on the shore, ferreting for the next meal & Herons stood majestically, waiting more patiently than the Oystercatchers to dive for their next fish!             
Fish aren't on the menu in the dollhouse this Valentine's Day though! This Chocolatiers Selection is something for those really important special days in the miniature world at any time of the year! With over 40 chocolates, every single one is completely individual & were such fun to design! We also want to share with you a taste of fine growing weather with this Salad Box which recently went to a new home!

Before we hurry away to enjoy the real version of the Chocolatiers Selection this Valentines Night here's our new entry in the

Happy Valentine's Day!

Val & Sadie


  1. MARAVILLOSO , ¡¡¡¡ hum !!!! un acabado perfecto.
    Siento que no se puedan comer.
    wonderful, a finished perfect one. I am sorry that they could not eat up.
    Saludos desde España.

    1. Nos esforzamos mucho para asegurar nuestras miniaturas parecer la cosa real! Así que contento como ellos, Loly significa mucho!

      Val y Sadie

  2. I loved the chocolates! The Box with vegetables is fantastic! Great work!

    1. They really were both such fun & delightful items to sculpt, Eliana! All the tiny details & different things make it so fascinating!

      Val & Sadie x