Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sunflowers & Summer Cakes!

There's something so definably Summery about golden sunflowers! Sunflowers were the inspirational starting point for these 4 Mixed Taste Of Summer Cake Slices, festooned with sugar flowers, fruit and piled high with rich icing!

Here on Skye, the lingering chill to the wind finally seems to have abated and the picture window in front of the worktable reveals a green and blue landscape, visible rays of sun beaming down from the sky like brush strokes painting Summertime! However, if you're still feeling the last beats of Winter's heart in this late Spring then hopefully these photographs of the Summer cakes will bring a little hope and a reminder that the longest day is just around the corner.....but more on that next time!!

Finally, a big thanks must go to Mini Food Tutorials for featuring the Luxury Baked Camembert in their weekly highlights of what's new in the mini food world, great to be included!

Val & Sadie

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