Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shades of Summer

Still sweltering in the Summer heat we have the perfect addition to our popular range of miniature cake slices with these 4 Strawberry Marble Cake Slices! There's something so tempting about the vibrant red, whole fresh strawberries that is so evocative of sunshine and days when the light breeze is the only thing moving! The warm weather has turned the hillsides surrounding us purple almost overnight as the wild Scottish Heather has blossomed into life! Looking out from the worktable and seeing the landscape turn pink and purple almost right in front of you is quite special and encapsulates just a small piece of the magic that makes Skye so inspirational and which we always try to ensure there's a little bit of in our miniatures too!

Val & Sadie

Our Wild Scottish Heather!



  1. I absolutely admire your miniature skills!
    The marbling texture on your work is amazing,
    I can't help but keep looking at them :D

  2. Thank you, Nassae! It makes it all so worthwhile to know people are enjoying my miniatures!

    Sadie :-)

  3. I never seen anything like that on you tube and its an exellent way to use leftover clay