Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spotty Cakes For Summertime!

It's now half past ten at night and as we write this overlooking the loch the sky is still blue, a blue which blurs into golds, yellows, apricots and oranges until it reaches the horizon! It never quite gets completely dark now, just 6 weeks away from the longest day of the year (where does time fly to??) but just a week or two ago we were kept up very late into the wee small hours by the sight of the Northern Lights flickering above the hill as though there were a light shining from inside the shilouetted peak!

The blue skies of Summer are definitely alive in this gorgeous 1:12th scale miniature Spotty Fondant Cake which was just added to our Etsy store at the brilliant price of £9.99 (approx $16.55!!).

Val & Sadie

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  1. What a darling little cake! I LOVE dots!