Sunday, 4 December 2011

Stirrings Of The Season!

It couldn't be a more seasonal start to December here, not only is a Homewardflight miniature the Day 2 Project in this years Artisans in Miniature Advent Calendar, but it's snowing! It's lovely, soft flakes, falling from the sky at the pace of a Christmas card scene and by morning, when dawn breaks over snowy lochs and hills, it will no doubt feel as though we're inside one!

With Christmas Day itself just three weeks away now, the world feels like it's starting to glisten with excitement and twinkling lights! Once the Big Day is over though, even those in the dolls house are left wondering what they should do with the leftovers from the Festive bird! This stir fry seems like an ideal option and whilst here we've used "chicken" we're sure Cook wouldn't mind in the least if "turkey" were to be used instead!!

Val & Sadie


  1. Thank you, Eliana! Hope you're having a great start to the festive season!

    Sadie :-)