Sunday, 20 November 2011

Islands of Detail!

The Isle of Skye is very much like this Party Celebration Platter - so many different and wonderful things to discover! Even yesterday, in the rain, so much joy was to be found in watching the waterfalls, overflowing and alive, cascading down the mountainside! A different and stunning view of the sea is presented at every turn and in all it's moods it touches your heart. There have been many beautiful, sunny days since we moved to Skye, where the loch has been like a millpond, so the rain was indeed a new discovery as the Island changed it's face. A stunning place in all weathers, we hope to bring you some pictures of different places on our new island home as we travel around so don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

In the meantime, we hope, as always, that you enjoy the photographs of the latest addition to our Etsy store, all the tiny details really draw the eye in!

Val & Sadie


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