Saturday, 30 April 2011

Syrup, Cream & All Things Nice!

It's an extra long holiday weekend here in the UK, first of all we had the Royal Wedding on Friday and then on Monday we have the May Day Holiday. However, when mini making is something that you do for fun and to relax as well as for work the holidays often go by in a haze of scrumptious miniature food and this holiday has been no exception! One or two really lovely new items on the creating table just at the moment! More of that next time though as this post is about the items pictured below, a mouthwatering blackberry pie fresh from the oven and the American pancakes drizzled with syrup and butter that we mentioned in our last blog!

Whatever you're doing this weekend have a great time! For us, it will be doubtless back to the mini making!
Val & Sadie

Blackberry Pie With Cream

Juicy Blackberries!

American Pancakes Drizzled With Syrup & Butter

From a slightly different angle.....just because they're good enough to eat!!!

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